Thoda Saaf Bol – Abhishek Upmanyu

Stand-ups have become pretty popular these days and out of all the names that are famous for their sense of humor, one name is Abhishek Upmanyu. He is known for his fast deliveries (dialogues, not babies). Maybe this is the reason the name of this special is “Thoda Saaf Bol”, because he is too fast for you to understand what he is saying and most of you end up laughing just because everyone else is. In this show, however, he has made sure to be audible and clearly funny. Laugh-a-thon series by Hustle Entertainment is back with its second season and has an amazing line up of comedians for Dubai audience starting with Upmanyu followed by Kenny & Sumukhi next.

Yash Bhardwaj, a dubai based stand up comedian opened the show at Ductac in Mall of the Emirates. Speaking about traits of Delhi girls in a bar and his encounter with two Ukrainian “Geeta & Babita” in Berlin along with his Haryanavi Friend, it was such a delight to watch him.

Laughter ensues the moment Upmanyu grabs the mike, even if it’s one of relief and adulation. Upmanyu wastes no time however, in earning them with quick takes on being from Delhi and cinemas in Mumbai. Abhishek is from Delhi and has moved to Mumbai for “better prospects” which according to him may or may not materialize but has sure given him crazy material for his stand-ups. His typical Delhite accent is what makes his stories funnier.

Simple jokes are smoothly riffed on to explore unrelated topics and then transition back to the larger joke. The discrete jokes seem so inter-connected in the segue, you wouldn’t be at fault to think that they are a part of the same bit.

The core of the show is formed by Upmanyu’s personal stories of his family, pet, television habits, and life in Mumbai. The longest bit involves him analyzing two starkly different television shows and the impact they have had on his life. Callbacks to the punchlines and references of earlier jokes delightfully surprise you throughout the special, making the bits even more hilarious. Abhishek crafts the image of a self-conscious narrator who surveys his world and himself in front of the audience, and shares the delight and shock from the observations.


Abhishek creates one of the most tightly crafted specials, which is self-sustaining on the strength of good writing and effective delivery. If you have decided to go and watch the show do not go alone. Take a few of your friends along because “Yahi Toh Wo Pal Hain Joh Yaadein Ban Jaayengi”.

Kenny & Sumukhi are scheduled to perform on April 14th. The show will be hosted at DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates from 19:30 onwards. Ticket prices start from AED 150 for each show and are available on and

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