My 3 Absolute Favourite Indian Jewelry brands I Invested In !!

Its no secret that I am a suckers for handcrafted couture jewellery pieces. I have more jewellery in my wardrobe than I have clothes, no jokes!!

I am always on a hunt to find stunning statement pieces to style with my outfits, be it a Indian Wedding, corporate event or just a casual weekend night out.

Check out how I styled these stunning pieces from three different brands for various occasions.

1. Prerto

Luxury Jewelry brand based out of Bombay for the modern women. I own at-least 8 stunning pieces from Prerto with one more already on its way. *Excited*

  • Personalized Hand Cuff With Initials : This is on my hand pretty much every morning, I love wearing this to work, more of formal look but you can style it however you want. You can get them personalized with your own initials.You can buy this piece here –

  • Pearl Tassels: This has to be my best buy from Prerto. Below you can see how I have styled the pearl tassels with an Indo-western outfit, a Saree and a western gown. I have probably styled this piece over 30 times by now with different outfits and for various events.

    You can buy this piece here –

  • Blue Statement: This is one of my lastest buy from Prerto. Below you can see how I styled this blue statement  piece with an Indian kurti and jeans for casual afternoon event like a Mehendi Party or Welcome Lunch. I cant wait to style them with different outfits.

This is from their old collection which has been discontinued now so you cant find it on the website.

2. Simran Chhabra

Simran Chhabra is a well renowned jewelry designer who was awarded with the title of the Best Creative Designer in 2013. Her Brand, her namesake, Simran Chhabra is a new age premium designer jewellery and accessory brand that caters to the taste of premium designer jewellery poachers.

  • Wah Taj : Someone asked for Tea? Even though I am not a Chai enthusiast but this piece just caught my eyes when I saw one of my blogger friend wearing them and I couldn’t resist ordering them for myself. They are just so cute I literally get asked every single time the designer’s name when I wear them.

You can buy this piece here –

  • Lets Save Buckets : Paani Bachao was a thing but we set the trend by saving the Balti’s. I would simply like to call them Balti earrings and I love how they are so trendy and not too heavy at the same time too. I legit performed on London Thumka while wearing them at my bestfriend’s wedding so you can imagine the kind of drunk head banging I did there.

You can buy this piece here –

3. Whimsical Wheel 

Very young, playfully quaint & quirky is how I would describe this brand. Based out of New Delhi but they ship worldwide and have some stunning collection of boohoo earrings and clutches.

  • Olifant :  This is such a colorful clutch which can be styled with absolutely everything and anything. You can see how I styled Olifant with a black knee length dress for the Rajmahal opening.
                                           You can buy this piece here –

    These are my top 3 brands I invested in and absolutely love. None of the above is sponsored, these are just my favourite picks and I wanted to share about them.

         Please let me know what do you guys think.

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