Movie Review – Phillauri

PHILLAURI – Approximately about 100 years back people staying in a rural town very close to Amritsar, Phillaur were called Phillauri. The movie is set between the year 1919 and 2017 (98 years apart).

Phillauri is a story about a bunch of people, a friendly ghost, a reformed rebellious turned family oh-so-hot singer, a Canada return would be groom and a I have no self-respect would be bride.  To begin with, a big fat Punjabi wedding comes to a temporary halt because of an arrival of a friendly ghost “Shashi”(Anushka).   Kanan(Canada return Suraj Sharma)accidentally marries Shashi while performing a precautionary pre wedding formality as he is Maanglik and according to Indian traditions has to marry a tree where Shashi’s spirit resides.

The film cuts between this track and the past where the ghost’s past story is revealed. I wont give out all the details as I want you to go watch the movie and judge it for yourself, but I can surely tell you that you will have to wait till the end for the climax.

Here are my 5 reasons “Why you should watch this movie & 5 reasons why you shouldn’t watch Phillauri”.

Why you should watch:

  1. The Story : Phillauri isn’t a consistently smooth ride, its uneven, little bumpy and slow but in a landscape where original ideas are hard to come by I am settling in for this. Second half of the movie is much stronger than the first half.   For me it was bold and original. One particular scene in the end where Kanan asks Shashi if she see’s anyone ? her the answer will give you goosebumps for sure!!
    Ending is something which will work for some and they will be touched and the opposite for some.
  2. For Diljit and Anushka’s incredible chemistry: Its always a delight to watch new jodi’s romance onscreen, with some very sweet and nice moments between the two they managed to weave their magic onscreen. They portrait the most purest, innocent and sweet form of love which I haven’t witnessed in a while now.
  3. Music & Poetry: How can sufi music not stir your soul? The film boasts of some beautiful melodies and distantly earthy songs some rendered by the lead star Diljit Dosanjh himself.   The music extremely soulful and lovable. The album consists of some entertaining and foot tapping numbers like ‘Naughty Billo’ and ‘Bajaake Tumba’, while it also has the most romantic songs of this season, ‘Dum Dum’ and ‘Sahiba’ which were beautiful and romantic poetries, that later turn into songs, throughout the movie.
    From the way these songs have been filmed, there is no doubt that these songs are one of the highlights of the film and is a treat for the senses.

  4. Beauty of Punjab: As you know the story moves back and forth in time and shows the glimpse of a Punjab today and of a Punjabi about a century ago. You get to see the lush green farms and a beautiful agricultural side of Punjab which we have also seen in DDLJ & VEER ZARA majorly. Along with all the traditional Punjabi stuff you will also get to see Anushka doing Gidda, the traditional form of dance performed by Punjabi females. In between the back and forth what remains the same is the acceptance of love in Punjabis and their true love for Alcohol.
  5. Cast & New faces: All 4 leads show powerful performance, Diljit’s impressive intense scene’s will make you fall in love with him if you aren’t already in love with him. Anushka who has also produced the film brings a very old desi charm to her character both in dramatic and comedy sections. Apart from these two known names the movie also stars Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada. Both of them are good actors and have played their roles with conviction. They have contributed to major part of the comedy in the movie. This movie can be a kick start of their Bollywood career.

Why you shouldn’t :

  1. The slow & lengthy ending: The movie on this particular subject should not have been made with a run time of 138 minutes. The film starts well but loses its track in-between and then picks up again. It is unable to hook most of the audience throughout the movie. Ending moments in the movie felt like an absolute drag.
  2. To much Dependency on climax: The director makes you wait for 138 minutes for the climax. I have to agree that it was way different that we expected and was not predictable but the movie didnt have any plot except the climax.
  3. Weak Direction: With such a strong cast I feel the movie could have been much stronger. It’s a disappointing start for the director Anshai Lal who has assisted in big films such as Chak De! India and Housefull. He didn’t exercise his creative rights. Maybe he was consistently worried about following the exact direction from the producer or maybe he didn’t take the control over the direction properly.
  4. The special effects going bizarre in the final moments: Once you see the  movie you will agree with me on this. The special effect team did such a great job in the entire movie but in the end they just went bizarre trying to show off all their special effects skills in this part of the movie.
  5. Inconsistency in acting: Anushka has always been good but now she is getting repetitive in every movie. She has a list of expressions she uses to lure audiences. Diljit has been good throughout the movie but his character needed more screen time as his role is very short. Suraj Sharma was highly inconsistent with his acting except few parts here and there where he made you laugh with his confused look. Mehreen has done a fairly alright job as well.

Star cast – Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma & Mehreen Kaur Pirzada.

Running time – 138 mins ( 2 hours & 20 mins)

My rating – 3.5/5 

Phillauri Official Trailer – 


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