Is Thin Still In ?

Fat, Big, Ugly, Loner, these were just few of the names by which I was addressed during my High School & early University Days. Soon it became a part of my life when I would literally come back from school and cry for hours about how I didn’t have many friends and how I would not fit in anywhere except my own group. I cried, I felt neglected, not wanted, body shamed by many, didn’t make new friends (which is so unlike my personality now) but there was one thing I never did even after all that body shaming, and that was letting all of that describe who I really was.  I lived by only one motto which I still do and that was “What doesn’t Kill you, Make you stronger.”  

All I knew was no matter what people say, I wont let their perspective about me describe “ME”,  who I really was, I was way more than just a “Fat Girl.”  I knew one day I would change their thinking, one day I would definitely make a difference in someone’s life, one day someone will look up to me and say “You’re my inspiration” and that day I will feel content, I would be really happy because I made a difference in someone’s life, I was their HERO even if it was for that one night.

About a year ago I shot for an online talk show called Coffee Confession, a show that dealt with new topic every week which would mainly focus on the real issue faced by the current generation and was hosted by Zareen Khan.

Being a Plus-Size model I was invited to the show as one of the guest speakers to give my thoughts on is “Thin still in?” along with two other speakers.

I have posted the link below, if you want to just watch my part then skip to 15:40. 

Let me know what do you guys think in the comment section below.


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