Its no secret that I LOVE love to travel. Its so much fun to explore a new place every single time. So many untold stories every city has to offer. I am more of a walking down the street, exploring local street food and discovering hidden gem kind of traveller. Quiet unlikely for a Desi traveller like me but some how I manage to always convince my folks for this and all the other time when I travel alone I just don’t tell them. *wink*

So for my first ever travel blog post I am sharing some small but essential hacks that everyone should follow while traveling.

Tip 1 : Fold your clothes inside your suitcase, you will be able to fit in so much more with this style of packing/Use packing cubes to pack your clothes! 
(You will be able to find Packing cubes online, I ordered mine from Groupon for AED 36).

Tip 2 : Fill a pill case with any medicines you would require whilst on your trip and label them for emergencies.  
(You can find them in DIASO for AED 7 only).

Tip 3 : Use a roll up tech case to store your cords for easy access.
(Easily available at any small electronic shops)

Tip 4 : Fill travel containers with shampoo and lotions. Keep them in your suitcase secured in a zip locked bag.
(Available in DIASO for AED 7-9 each).

Tip 5 : Place your shoes in a ziplock bag or in shoe bags to prevent dirt from getting on your clothes.
(Available at any supermarket or DIASO).

Tip 6 : Download new movies, update your Ipod/Phone with new music and podcasts before your trip so you are never bored.


Hope they are useful for your next trip.
Let me know if you have any more hacks that you would want me to feature. xx

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